June 21-23, 2021

Qatar Economic Forum

The Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg, set out to identify opportunities, present solutions and rethink the global economic landscape through the lens of the Middle East. Anchored strategically in Doha, the Forum drew on Qatar’s ability to link Asia with Africa and beyond, as well as its position as a leader in transitional energy technologies and the home to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

  • 100+ mainstage speakers including 11 heads of state and government
  • 24 roundtable discussions
  • 25+ hours of programming

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Key Stats

100+ Speakers and advisory board members

500+ Delegates

3000+ Other global attendees


11 Heads of state and government

120+ Countries represented

Qatar has one of the largest number of educated women, there are more women that graduate from universities than men, there are women working across very important sectors across the country…so I feel In very great company.

H.E. Dr. Hanan al-Kuwari

Minister of Public Health, The State of Qatar

No matter what the world is going through, no matter what individuals are going through, when you’re watching a soccer game, when you’re watching the Olympics, nothing else matters for that amount of time and that’s why sport is so strong.

David Beckham

What the pandemic has done is fundamentally accelerated the digital adoption at least by a decade. It’s not about only making the technology available. Yes, the technology has been made available; this whole collaborative set of tools, the investment in these tools, the adoption of these tools has skyrocketed. But the more important thing is whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, living in urban or rural areas, everyone has adopted it. So digital has become mainstream.

Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Chairman, Tata Sons

We impose a penalty on many women for trying to fulfill their own potential while also wanting to be wives and mothers and caregivers and we need to figure out how to better organize our societies and our economies so that more people, particularly more women, have a chance both to fulfill their own aspirations but equally, if not more importantly, to fulfill their personal goals and desires of being embedded in a family and a community.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

67th Secretary of State, The United States of America

We are seeing more demand for sustainable strategies, more investors worldwide believe that climate risk is investment risk. More investors around the world are asking, ‘How do we determine the path towards decarbonization?’ and how each company is performing in that path. And I think from the ExxonMobil vote, we are seeing vast change, very rapidly.

Laurence D. Fink

Chairman and CEO, BlackRock

Some people say that there is a de-globalization going on but I prefer to think of it as a re-globalization in which those parts of the world that were left behind and those people who were excluded from periods of fast globalization will be brought back in.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Director-General, World Trade Organization