June 20 - Monday

4:00 pm

Al-Thumama Stadium Excursion

June 21 - Tuesday

8:00 am

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We live in a deeply fractured world. Between the East and West, advanced and emerging markets, behemoth firms and smaller rivals, and high- and low-skill workers. Governments and businesses must come together to equalize the global economic recovery.

9:45 am

The Future of Global Markets

Uncertainty is the name of the game for financial markets. They soar one day and swoon the next. We gather investor experts to help tame the turbulence and return us to even growth.

10:15 am


A New Era for Globalization

Even before Covid, many governments had abandoned their support for liberal trade. This “post-globalization” thinking threatens slower global growth, lower real incomes, and diminished prospects for every kind of international cooperation. It’s time for a spirited defense of global free trade. Our experts debate the new economic thinking that can refresh globalization for the modern world.

10:40 am

The Supply Chain Crisis

War in Europe’s heartland, shutdowns in Shanghai and growing protectionism threaten to de-link the powerfully welded supply chains of globalization. The practitioners of world trade tell us how governments and businesses can speed the flow of future trade.

11:00 am

Networking Break

11:30 am


The global energy market has been turned upside down in a matter of days. We sit down with some of the most influential names in global energy for their unique insight.

12:00 pm

A Fair and Inclusive Transition

Ambitious green transition targets are being matched by enormous investments in mega-projects that are reshaping the global resource industry. We get the latest on how we can balance economic development and improved living standards, with global green goals.

12:30 pm

Delivering a Just Transition to Net Zero

Ambitious global net-zero goals are being matched by enormous investments in mega-projects that are reshaping the global energy system. We get the latest insights on the zero-emission tech and green finance that will help us reach net zero carbon emissions at the global scale.

12:35 pm

From the Middle East and Africa to the World

Rising oil prices may be a concern for some, but it’s been a boon for Middle East and African producers. With the global energy market adjusting to the new paradigm, some of the region’s major players tell us where we’ll be once the dust settles.

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch

1:15 pm

Industry Roundtable Discussions

Executives take a deeper dive into issues impacting key sectors in our roundtable discussions.

Road to Resilience: Improving Global Supply Chains

The New Emerging Markets

The Future of Public Private Partnerships

The Big Shift: Financial Services and FinTech

Tech City: Infrastructure for a Connected World

Lessons Learned: Adapting the Education Sector to Changing Global Realities

2:15 pm


Diversifying for 21st Century Prosperity

Economies are trying to shift away from vulnerable products, markets, and jobs toward income sources that are high-growth, low-emission, climate resilient and poverty eradicating. Finance Ministers show us the way.

2:40 pm

The Inflation Test

Inflation is sky-rocketing. Gas prices have surged by the most in nearly two decades and the cost of food is keeping pace, foreshadowing political and humanitarian crises worldwide. We get the latest from those on the front lines of the fight against inflation.

3:00 pm

From Implosion to Rebirth

Speculation that the implosion of Terra– one of the biggest experiments in decentralized finance- could bring about the death of crypto appears to have been overblown. But still, it hasn’t been a great few weeks for crypto backers. We find out what’s next for transforming the financial system for the digital age.

3:30 pm

Close of Mainstage

6:00 pm

Qatar Economic Forum Gala Dinner

June 22 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Industry Roundtable Discussions

Executives take a deeper dive into issues impacting key sectors in our roundtable discussions.

ESG 2.0: Ensuring Sustainability in an Evolving World

Sports and Tourism: A Win-Win for National Growth?

Hydro Innovation: Solving the Global Water Crisis

9:20 am

Times are written in Doha time (UTC +3)


Food Security in Peril

Hunger stalks the planet. The war in Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe, has only made the situation more drastic.  A severe crisis in food security beckons. Can new technologies and increased funding help avert the potential catastrophe? Global food executives help us identify what we’ll eat in a bigger, hotter and smarter world.

9:40 am


Checking Back In

The world’s largest hotel company is now offering private homes for rental, directly competing with Airbnb. Anthony Capuano tells us what the future holds for global lodging.

9:45 am

Hotels: Booking Momentum

The travel industry was building some post-Covid recovery momentum. High vaccination rates, falling Covid-19 cases and looser quarantine rules made it look like international travel was back. Then, Russia invaded Ukraine. While demand for tourism is high, higher fuel prices, fewer flights and global instability don’t help. Sébastien Bazin tells us how he plans to lure travelers back and keep his hotels full.

9:55 am

From Celestial to Terrestrial: A Grounded Perspective

Bellwether aviation executives tell us how they are rising to the challenges of sky high passenger demand, rising inflation, and steep jet-fuel prices.

10:20 am

Preparing for the Rebound

While international travel volume is seeing a better-than-expected rebound, virus disruptions are keeping China’s millions of tourists at home. Jane Sun shares her outlook for global and Chinese tourism.

10:25 am

A Power Shift on the Highway

Car consumer behavior is moving away from outright purchases of fossil fueled cars, towards leasing electric powered vehicles. We get the latest on an industry in total revolution.

10:45 am

The New Reality for Global Energy

The Shell CEO tells us how he is steering the energy major through one of the most disruptive years in recent memory, and how 2022 has shifted our global approach to managing climate risk.

11:00 am

The State of Global Retail

We find out the do’s and don’ts in a new normal for major global retailers.

11:30 am

Morning Networking Break

12:00 pm

In Conversation with Rachid Mohamed Rachid

Rethinking Luxury

Harrods is synonymous with an exemplary level of care and outstanding personal service. How do you deliver this expectation in a post-Covid world? Michael Ward gives us the latest on global luxury retailing and shares his insight into the Middle Eastern customer.

12:20 pm

Seeking Shelter

Even with prolonged disruption from Covid-19 and structural shifts in the way we live and work, real estate continues to attract capital. Hussain Sajwani tells us where the smart money is going.

12:30 pm


The Mother Continent on the Move

African leaders share their unique insights on where the continent stands now — and where it’s headed.

1:00 pm

Harnessing Africa’s Talent and Creativity

Demographics, youth, innovation and technology.  Young minds and young talent are ready to power Africa towards regaining its place as the birth of humanity. How can we unlock this potential?

2:30 pm


The Big Bucks Changing the Game

With global sports, from Formula 1 to the English Premier League, undergoing a successful “Americanization” of late, we find out what new changes the American approach could bring to the business of sports

2:45 pm

Taking the Fight to the Competition

Martial arts, high finance and media can make for a combustible mix, and a successful career. Let’s get the details from Chatri Sityodtong, economics graduate from Tufts University, a Harvard MBA, a Master in Muay Thai and Ju-Jitsu – and owner of Asia’s largest sports media property.

3:00 pm

The Fastest Show on Two Wheels

Dorna is the exclusive commercial and TV rights holder for the world’s leading motorcycle racing championships, including MotoGP – the premier class of motorcycle road racing. We talk to Carmelo Ezpeleta about his illustrious career in motorsports and what’s next in the exciting and sustainable future for MotoGP.

3:15 pm

Delivering the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

We get an update on World Cup 2022 preparations and the latest insight into the tournament’s smooth delivery and lasting legacy.

3:30 pm

Countdown to the Greatest Show on Earth

152 days and counting. We gain a unique outlook on the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar.

3:45 pm

Close of Qatar Economic Forum 2022

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