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Head of Qatar Economic Forum Organizing Committee to QNA: World Leaders’ Participation Reflects Qatar’s Status – June 2022

Doha , June 15 (QNA) – CEO of Media City HE Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who is also the chairman of the supreme committee organizing the 2nd Qatar Economic Forum 2022, said that the State of Qatar welcomes world leaders, decision makers, and business leaders from all around the world who will participate in the second edition of the forum, organized by the State of Qatar in cooperation with Bloomberg from June 20-22.

His Excellency told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the participation of world leaders and ranking officials reflects the State of Qatar’s status as a regional and international hub for business, investment, sports, and education. His Excellency added that the State of Qatar benefited from its strategic location that connects Asia and Africa and the rest of the world, in addition to its status as an important diplomatic hub, a leader in the field of LNG, and the host of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

He added that the forum will host leading Qatari personalities from the public and private sector, in addition to international speakers and experts in different fields. Participants will share their expertise on wide-ranging topics in the field of management and will discuss the topics on the agenda such as women’s leadership in business, the future of energy, sustainable development, digital transformation, as well as the trends in the global financial system.

He said that the State of Qatar is prepared to provide a platform that brings together different members of the international business community, cementing the country’s status as an international hub for business, investment, and innovation, thanks to its expertise in hosting prominent events in the political, economic, sports, cultural, and trade fields. He highlighted in that regard the State of Qatar’s infrastructure, in addition to having the worlds best airport, airline, and air cargo company. He noted that all these factors mean the country can become an international logistical hub that could serve international markets.
On the success of the forums first edition in enhancing strategic dialogue in the region, His Excellency said last years edition attracted 600 speakers. The forum, which was held via video conference, had 11 presidents, as well as ranking government officials, international organizations, corporations, and experts from 120 countries.

He added that the success of the first edition of the forum reflected the State of Qatar’s status as a leading country regionally and internationally. He added that last years edition will contribute to the success of this important international event for years to come.

Innovation And Dialogue

He stressed that Qatar Economic Forum Powered by Bloomberg provides an international platform for innovation and dialogue between countries, in addition to convening a host of prominent ranking officials, business leaders, and experts from around the world who discuss how to face some of the biggest challenges facing the world. He said that this years addition will cover a host of important topics in the field of energy, industry, investment, commerce, sports, and technology among other sectors.

On whether the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact of the forum, His Excellency said that the pandemic had a direct impact on the development goals of many countries, particularly as the global economy continues to face the impact of the crisis in the form of supply chain disruptions, shortages in labor and raw materials, as well as higher levels of inflation all over the world due to the rise in energy and food prices.

He added that, considering the interconnectedness of the economy, many studies around the world forecast wide-ranging economic impacts that could reverberate across the world. This led to higher pressure on the level of economic activity globally, which in turn impacted the economic recovery. His Excellency expressed his confidence that the upcoming edition of Qatar Economic Forum Powered by Bloomberg will be a useful stop in trying to understand these developments and hold a dialogue that points the way towards a global economic recovery.

With regard to the slogan for the second edition of Qatar Economic Forum in cooperation with Bloomberg, HE CEO of Media City Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who is also the chairman of the supreme committee organizing the 2nd Qatar Economic Forum 2022 said in his interview with Qatar News Agency. (QNA) that the slogan of this year’s forum reflects the common global concerns about the inability to achieve a just economic recovery that includes both developed and developing countries, which would lead to a widening of the economic gap in many sectors, especially with regard to the disparity in growth between major international companies and medium, small and emerging companies, as well as the disparity between skilled and manual labor. Therefore, we can only get out of the economic stagnation caused by (Covid-19) pandemic by consolidating efforts to bridge the gap by strengthening the bonds of close cooperation between governments

His Excellency added: “During the pandemic, we have witnessed exacerbation of inequalities, especially among the most vulnerable population groups such as women and children, who are likely to be affected by the long-term consequences of the crisis, at the social and economic levels, as well as exacerbating problems of access to education and health. In view of these challenges, everyone must develop a clear road map to achieve an economic recovery that includes developing and least developed countries, and work to adopt effective solutions that contribute to reducing other major challenges, including economic displacement, refugee flows, the impact of climate change and other factors that would directly affect the performance of the global economy as a whole.”

Regarding the objectives of the second edition of the forum, His Excellency said, “We look forward, thanks to the dialogue, that will bring together global experts and key decision-makers to discuss solutions to a number of the most pressing global economic challenges, ranging from sustainability to the global supply chain crisis and the future of financial technology. Therefore, governments and companies must act together more than ever in order to achieve the equation of global economic recovery and reduce the widening gap between East and West, and we hope that Qatar Economic Forum in cooperation with Bloomberg will be a major platform to achieve this, thanks to stimulating innovation and encouraging concerted efforts of stakeholders, thus contributing to building a safer future for all countries and peoples of the world.”

On the outputs that the second edition of the forum can achieve in light of the wide participation of the forum’s guests, His Excellency explained in his interview with (QNA) that due to the easing of travel restrictions at the global level, the forum succeeded this year in hosting important and influential international personalities that would support the goals that it aims to achieve. “We seek to achieve them through this forum, moreover, the forum will provide the opportunity to adopt innovative and unconventional approaches and solutions that will reduce the economic repercussions of the (Covid-19) pandemic” His Excellency added.

Regarding the objective of organizing the forum and the partnership with Bloomberg Media Group, His Excellency stressed that the forum reflects Qatar’s efforts to enhance its position as a leading country in the field of global economic growth, achieve comprehensive development goals, and consolidate its position as a thriving investment destination, at the regional and global levels.
His Excellency noted that this forum provides, through this strategic role and cooperation with Bloomberg Media Group, a vital platform for global leaders and experts, to exchange ideas, address challenges and contribute to finding new innovative solutions.

Shaping Better Future

His Excellency added that the partnership with Bloomberg Media Group reflects the shared vision of adopting a constructive dialogue, in front of an active audience, that would shape a better future, as Bloomberg is a reputable global provider of business and financial news, and connects decision makers with a rich network of people, ideas and data. It also provides the latest economic and financial information and visions, expressing his happiness to continue this distinguished partnership for the second year in a row, and to receive state and business leaders in Doha, in order to chart a promising course for the global economy.

In response to a question about the impact of Qatar’s organization of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on the forum, His Excellency said that the State of Qatar is preparing to organize a historic, distinguished and exceptional edition of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and this event will contribute to stimulating economic development in the long term, by relying on the sophisticated infrastructure that has been designed and built according to the highest international standards, stressing that the World Cup also constituted a positive impetus for achieving development plans aimed at developing the business environment, enhancing investor confidence, and raising the productivity of the industrial sector in a way that supports its ability to consolidate the strength and competitiveness of the national economy.

His Excellency added that the economic and social effects of the tournament will be very important inside and outside the State of Qatar, and that the world will witness the growing role of the State of Qatar in presenting international sporting events, as a result, the transformative power of sport is a major topic of the forum, which includes a full session devoted to discussing the business of sport and its role in the world’s economic and political levels.

His Excellency pointed out that the forum will also shed light on the effects of the tournament on the State of Qatar and the region during the last decade, in addition to its long-term economic benefits, starting with the steady growth of the GDP of the State of Qatar by 4.5% since it won the hosting of the tournament in 2010, to its contributions in infrastructure development and the tourism sector.

His Excellency expected the tournament to shed light on the promising initiatives that the country is preparing to implement in order to achieve its National Vision 2030. (QNA)